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1 day - 8 events

  • StartUp MeetUp

    Under the majestic ceilings of the Paris City Hall “Salle des Fêtes”, startups, experts, French and international corporates, institutional players, investors and buyers from the City of Paris will participate in the largest MeetUp in Paris. The gong sounds at 15-minute intervals, letting you participate in one – or several – of the 3,500 business meetings scheduled that day. This large-scale speed dating event is a great way to connect with future partners, clients, experts and investors.

  • “Publics Services” space

    Are you wondering about your administrative procedures, corporate taxation, regulatory requirements, public grants and other sources of funding? 8 public partners are at your service in the « Public Service » area: BPI, Business France, Department of Finance and Purchasing of the City hall of Paris, Regional Direction of Paris West Customs offices, Pôle Emploi, Prefecture of Paris and Ile-de-France, UGAP, Urssaf.
    Make an appointment with these experts. 350 slots are available, be sure to sign up!

  • Workshops

    A series of workshops let startups focus on growth models, understand what’s currently at hand and learn about upcoming projects for the City of Paris: greener E-commerce packaging, wellbeing at work, international development and more.
    Larges groups and City representatives will present new markets and business development opportunities for startups and SMEs.
    Full details coming

  • Travel around key international innovations (International startups pitches)

    Whether you are a large corporation, an investor, an institutional or a startup, you are invited to join this session of international pitches and interviews. Large corporations? Monitor what is happening on your markets Investors? Unveil potential opportunities. Startups? Seize international partners & opportunities for development. What’s the program? Our fabulous Paris Landing Pack Explore march batch of startups from all over the globe will pitch their solutions to the audience! Discover Digital Africa and its startups, an initiative for the driving forces of innovation in Africa, led by the Digital Africa Association and supported by the French Development Agency (AFD)! Come and meet also the International laureates from the smart cities program organized by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Paris&Co.

  • DemoSpace & Xperiment Show

    Artists, researchers, French and foreign startups, SMEs and global corporates take over City Hall to showcase the innovations of tomorrow. On the agenda: visual, experimental and sensorial solutions in the creative industries, as well as in mobility and sustainable development, food and nutrition. With more than 20 demo spaces, you’ll get to attend demos and test immersive experiences!
    Participating actors.

  • Coworking – Networking and Cocooning by Startway

    Between two MeetUps or while you’re waiting for the next workshop, come make yourself comfortable in the Startway Coworking area specially designed for you. There, you can engage in conversation, share ideas, get connected or just relax. Come discover the Startway network atmosphere: living spaces that are great places to work, whether you’re a startup or freelancer, public or private sector, institutional or corporate employee. You can find out more about the Startway ecosystem and nationwide network while taking advantage of surprising experiences that enhance wellbeing. You’ll meet other men and women who help us grow together by launching new, daring and innovative businesses.

  • TUMO Paris interactive exhibit

    TUMO Paris presents its educational program for young people 12 – 18 years old based on 8 creative technologies: cinema, animation, 3D modelling, graphic design, video games, drawing, music and programming.

  • NewsRoom

    50 students earning their Master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Business of the EFAP will be present at the event, ensuring continuous coverage on social networks and relaying live footage of the event and startup project pitches.