They will be attending

ADOK, Challenge Reality, présent au Démospace

Adok is creating a technology revolution that will better connect us to one other. Human-Machine Interface, in the real world, directly on tables, on walls, anywhere you need them, when you need them.

Air France, présent au Démospace

SkyLights offer immersive in-flight entertainment headsets. These personal devices provide passengers 2D and 3D virtual reality experiences. This gives them one of the most innovative business class entertainment systems on the market. 

SKYdeals is the first inflight shoppertainment solution. A new travel retail platform for airlines, dedicated to passengers connected to the internet via onboard wifi.

Artify, présent au Démospace

ARTIFY offers you an original experience of immersion in Art, visual and sound! Contemplate our digital box and discover paintings, engravings, photographs, old and contemporary. Put on our 3D sound headphones and feel the picture as if you were there Explore our app to learn more about the works.

Augmented Acoustics, présent au Démospace

Through our exclusive SUPRALIVE® service, spectators now have the opportunity to interact with music live in real-time and enjoy an immersive high-definition experience.

AURASENS, présent au Démospace

AURASENS takes you on a visceral trans-sensory journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Cocooned in the Lounger, you listen to music and a rhythmic wave of vibrations begins: an array of taps, pulses and tingles that flows from head to toe, that stimulates and soothes. It creates a tension between solace, solitude, the thrill of live concerts or throbbing nightclub chambers.

Compost By les Alchimistes, présent au Démospace

The Alchemists’ ambition is to stop the incineration of biowaste through a relevant and innovative solution that aims to create loops of local valorization to turn them into resources. No longer bulky, noisy and smelly trucks, we recover and treat biowaste in the heart of the city through electro-mechanical composting to make compost!

AVEINE, présent au Démospace

Aveine is more than a concept, it’s a state of mind. A source of pleasure and exchange, it simplifies access to wine tasting with a collection of devices and connected services. Aveine is the best of the new technologies serving one of the most beautiful traditions for new multi-sensory experiences.

CleanCup, présent au Démospace

Cleancup is a turnkey solution to distribute, collect and automatically washed, on site, your custozed reusable cups.

Cleancup won the 2017 Circular Challenge by Citeo.

Digital Arti, présent au Démospace

Digitalarti produces spectacular interactive digital creations to transform buildings, public spaces, commercial spaces or events.
Based in Paris, New-York and Shanghai. Clients: Accenture, ADP, Air France, Amazon, Barclays, Dior, Galeries Lafayette, Google, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Samsung, SNCF, Unilever, etc.

Dealer de Cook & Akoustic Arts, présent au Démospace

Caterer of choice to 5.5 million guests worldwide, Elior Group is convinced that the foodtech will bring more comfort and experiences to guests.

Discover Akoustic Art’s “A” Directional Speaker & Cook-Based Culinary Animation created by Dealer de Cook.




Do Eat, présent au Démospace

Do Eat has created verrines that you can eat with their contents!
Our healthy and ecological products will surprise you with their quality and user-friendliness.


Unmask yourself!
On the backdrop of autofiction, the DSAA Design and Digital Creation (DCN) students from École Estienne created puppet characters and virtual reality masks. Each mask avatar introduces the viewer to an immersive world associated with a Marto festival show, and offers an unprecedented interpretation.
A project developed with the open source AFRAME framework.

GLOBAL CHARGER, présent au Démospace

Dedicated to mobile and connected people, Global Charger adapts to the energy needs of events and businesses of all sizes. In the purest spirit of the maker, it offers innovative personal charging technologies, notably through its MANA external battery brand and its network of 40+ partner festivals.

HUBLEX, présent au Démospace

HUBLEX secures travel on industrial, logistics and retail sites using innovative mobile robotics solutions.
Our tools allow you to streamline and secure the travel of managers, operational staff and support functions.
Our innovative solutions improve the working conditions of your employees and allow you to stand out from the competition.

KEECKER, présent au Démospace

The first voice-enabled robot that moves entertainment, communication and safety into every room of your home.

Magnus, présent au Démospace

Developed by Uppli, Magnus uses the terrestrial natural magnetic field to locate you inside and guide you within the building, The application analyzes the data contained in terrestrial magnetism, like a compass and therefore does not generate in any case magnetic fields.

MIPIM PROPTECH, présent au Démospace

MIPIM PropTech Europe is the world’s leading real estate technology events that gathers key real estate decision makers from all the value chain to connect with cutting-edge startups and technology companies to take their business to the next level and build the future of property.

Nanoleaf, présent au Démospace

Nanoleaf is a green technology company that’s transforming the way we light up our world with impeccably designed, ultra energy efficient LED lighting.

Natural Machine, présent au Démospace

Caterer of choice to 5.5 million guests worldwide, Elior Group is convinced that the foodtech will bring more comfort and experiences to guests.

Discover Natural Machines, a new generation kitchen appliance that combines technology, food, art and design.

NOMADPLAY, présent au Démospace

NomadPlay is an application dedicated to professional and amateur musicians.
NomadPlay won the Paris Innovation Grand Prix 2017.

ORANGE, présent au Démospace

Discover the Orange Business Service API portfolio and our cloud services offerings such as Flexible Engine, an open source platform, to innovate without constraints and develop your solutions in complete security.

VR does not scare you: On your marks, ready? Let’s Pitch! : Come and confront our virtual audience (promised he will not bite!)

Plast'if, présent au Démospace

The Plast’if machine recycles all the plastic waste of employees in companies and allows them to 3D print new products from their waste.

PARIS CODE, présent au Démospace

With Paris Code, the City of Paris supports the training and access to employment of 1,000 developers-coders per year by 2020.
17 training operators certified in 2017, a new call for projects launched in April 2018.
5 “Paris Code Major Partners” charters signed with major companies.
Paris Code also matches Parisian startups and profiles from the program.

Short Edition, présent au Démospace

Short Edition is the community publisher for short literature. Short Edition also designed the Short Story Dispenser: a machine connected to our platform which prints, onto high-quality paper, stories of 1, 3 or 5 minutes’ duration. Short Edition received an Innovation Award in the Tech for a Better World category at CES 2018.

Stormz, présent au Démospace

Stormz engages your employees by transforming inefficient top-down seminars into awesome collaborative and digital events. Gather your team, department or division to share perspectives and new initiatives and chose Stormz to transform your corporate meeting into a highly collaborative event.

Timescope, présent au Démospace

Timescope is a time travel machine. Thanks to virtual reality films broadcast in its self-service kiosk, Timescope helps tourist sites and territories to promote their natural, cultural and historical heritage to their residents and visitors.

Optima, présent au Démospace

Optima Reality, a dynamic and evolving structure, is part of the value chain of new immersive technologies: virtual reality (VR), a nascent market with exceptional potential.

Optima Reality brings to virtual reality the incomparable and ultimate dimension of movement in image and thus creates a revolution in immersion.