In 2017, the City Council of Paris voted in favor of a new climate initiative aiming to make Paris a carbon-neutral city with 100% renewable energy sources by 2050. Paris has thereby joined the club of “1.5°C” cities, the network of global cities dedicated to finding answers to the challenge of climate change .

The new City of Paris Air Energy Climate Plan covers 500 measures in every field (building and public works, transport, energy, food, waste, quality of life, mobilization, finance …) and just as many challenges to innovation.

Startups, meet the climate challenge!

As part of the C40 network of cities worldwide committed to addressing climate change, and presided by the Mayor of Paris, the City of Paris supports climate-friendly solutions. We are committed to promoting these solutions wherever they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help cities adapt to climate change, fight against pollution and save our most precious resources.

In 2017, the City of Paris launched a Green Fund designed to give startups new financing leverage. Paris&Co’s Sustainable City platform has been enlarged to include the circular economy, supporting an increasing number of startups working to find solutions to environmental challenges.

Innovation must also focus on regulation and new forms of partnerships, to ensure that new business models truly serve the common interest. Today, we must anticipate the new regulations that will be needed to monitor innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies, biotech, etc. We must co-build them together, starting now.

You are the key players vital to the success of this ambitious project. If you want to contribute to laying the foundations of this fine edifice and help invent solutions for the common good, come and meet us on 16 March at Paris City Hall.

We are looking forward to hearing about your ideas and initiatives. City officials and elected representatives are mobilizing to meet you and learn more about your proposals.

Register now to participate in the largest MeetUp in Paris, attend dozens of workshops, pitch your ideas to more than a hundred investors in the Council Chamber of Paris, take advantage of Reverse Pitches to meet corporates seeking solutions and find out more about their development strategies.

Don’t miss this exciting innovation event – the future is being built today!

Jean-Louis Missika
Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of architecture, urban planning, the Grand Paris project, economic development and attractiveness