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  • DemoSpace & DemoPitchs

    Game-changing innovations, French and foreigners startups and corporates take over the imposing “Salon des Arcades” to showcase the digital diversity of Paris. Come and watch demos and pitches of next-generation innovations, discover new connected objects, services and technologies, and experience virtual reality streamed live from the Paris City Hall square.

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  • Startup Meetup

    Under the majestic ceilings of the “Salle des Fêtes” in the Paris City Hall, startups, corporates, French and international experts, investors and buyers from the City of Paris will take part in the largest MeetUp in Paris. The gong sounds at 15-minute intervals, letting you participate in one – or several – of the 3000 business meetings scheduled that day. The perfect setting to connect with future partners, clients, experts and investors.

  • 50 Startups Council

    In the Council Chamber, French and international startups take the Mayor’s place to make 3-minute pitches, aimed at convincing an audience of 120 investors and corporations. Two distinct pitch sessions have been organized by 50 Partners: at noon, 25 startups raising less than 1M€ in funds will present their project; in the afternoon, 25 startups raising more than 1M€ will take over.

  • Reverse Business Pitch

    The Hacking innovates with two unprecedented Reverse Pitch sessions in the Council Chamber, where startups and corporates switch places. Each large corporation has 10 minutes to present its strategies and goals for future business development to an audience of young companies in the benches. The perfect opportunity to learn more about global players’ development trends, and to challenge their innovation projects.

  • Workshops

    In the “Salon Laurens”, a series of 45-minute thematic workshops give startups a taste of what’s at stake today, with a special focus on major international events to come : logistics, mobility, urban planning, sustainable solutions, HR strategy and international business development. Seize the opportunity to ask specific questions to our experts, startups and institutional speakers.

  • Innovation Day

    Around the Hacking of the City Hall, Parisian innovative hotspots open their gates on March 15th.
    Our goal : Allow participants to discover these unique places, at the heart of the approach of innovation in Paris. Featuring the 104, a place for creative and cultural content, the fablab ICI Montreuil, and the experimentation space La Paillasse for example. Register to attend the visits and meet with the leaders of the innovative ecosystem.

  • Wanna fly with us ?

    Three exclusive new Drone Air 2017 attractions will be presented at the Hôtel de Ville’s DemoSpace. On the agenda, spectacular demos flown by professional pilots will be showcased, along with drones to fly, a unique remote piloting experience, and a game via simulation terminals where participants can win tickets to the event.

Paris, ville candidate - Jeux Olympiques de 2024 / Venez partager

France and Paris have a culture of innovation

« From designing the bid to organizing the Games, Paris 2024 seeks to innovate with all the talents from France and abroad who will be gathering at the "Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville".

This one-of-a-kind event, where startups from around the world take over the iconic symbol of the City of Light, expresses our desire to share this project with the greatest number of participants.

But even more importantly, this gathering unveils a Paris that is dynamic, modern and open to the world. A capital city that has emerged as a powerhouse of innovation, especially social and solidarity innovation that improves people’s lives.

We want this forward-looking Paris to be the playing field of the 2024 Olympic Games, and these innovators and entrepreneurs to help us propose the most incredible concepts for spectators, athletes and the entire Olympic family. In 2024, the world will discover a Paris that is positive, surprising and optimistic; a city that will organize an exceptional celebration while laying the foundations of a sustainable legacy for the French people and the Olympic Movement. »

Etienne Thobois, Chief Executive Officer Paris 2024