Hold the date of March 21st, 2019 for the fifth edition of the Hacking of the Paris City Hall.

Subscriptions opening: End of January 2019

On the 16th of March, the Mayor of Paris gave the keys to the City Hall to 1,100 startups, experts, investors and corporates from France and abroad for the 4th annual Hacking.

This large gathering of innovation professionals have offered startups collaboration and business development opportunities, and have helped investors and corporates to keep up with the latest innovations in all business sectors.

Thank you all for your participation at the 4th annual Hacking
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Hacking 2018 Photocall / Hacking 2018

They were here :

1 day - 8 events

  • StartUp MeetUp

    Under the majestic ceilings of the Paris City Hall “Salle des Fêtes”, startups, experts, French and international corporates, institutional players, investors and buyers from the City of Paris will participate in the largest MeetUp in Paris. The gong sounds at 15-minute intervals, letting you participate in one – or several – of the 3,300 business meetings scheduled that day. This large-scale speed dating event is a great way to connect with future partners, clients, experts and investors.

  • 50 Startups Council

    In the iconic Council Chamber of Paris, French and international startups (selected through an application process) step into the Mayor’s tribune to make 3-minute project pitches, with the goal of convincing an audience of 200 investors and corporates.
    Two distinct pitch sessions have been organized by 50 Partners: in the morning, 25 startups raising less than 1M€ in funds will present their project; in the afternoon, 25 startups raising more than 1M€ will take the reins.

  • Reverse Business Pitch

    During a Reverse Pitch session in the Council Chamber of Paris, startups and corporates switch places. 7 large and mid-sized corporations will have 10 minutes to present their strategies and goals for future business development and/or launch a call to innovation, in front of an audience of young entrepreneurs in the benches.
    The perfect opportunity to learn more about key corporate players’ development trends, and to challenge their innovation projects.

  • Workshops

    In the “Salon Laurens”, a series of 45-minute thematic workshops will inform startups about business development and the next-generation needs of the City of Paris: mobility, public bids, short-term markets for the 2024 Olympic Games, international development, sustainable financing and green funds. Experts and public officials will share new market opportunities and explore avenues for business development through the prism of sustainable development and positive impact.
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  • DemoSpace & Xperiment Show

    Game-changing innovations, French and foreign startups and global corporates take over City Hall to showcase the digital diversity of tomorrow. On the agenda: spectacular innovations in the music and creative industries, as well as in mobility and sustainable development.
    You’ll get to discover and test virtual and augmented reality technologies, attend demos and participate in immersive experiences.

    Participating startups

  • Coworking space by BAP

    Come meet new contacts, brainstorm, get into conversation and discover the workplace of the future in the coworking space designed by BAP!
    The digital revolution has completely changed the way we work. More freedom, greater flexibility, less hierarchy: startups, SMEs and major corporations must all adapt to the new paradigm. BAP Group meets the needs of the transformed corporate world by creating coworking spaces and services designed to accompany today’s changing work habits.
    Our digital, social and design expertise is reinventing the workplace of tomorrow.

  • NewsRoom

    100 students earning their Master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Business will be present at the event, ensuring continuous coverage on social networks and relaying live footage of the event and startup project pitches.

  • Pitch of international startups from PLP_Explore

    Whether you are a large corporation, an investor, an institutional or a startup, you are invited to join this session of international pitches and interviews.
    Large corporations? Monitor what’s happening on your markets investors? Unveil potential opportunities Startups? Seize international partners & opportunities for development.
    What’s the program?
    Karine Bidart, the co-director of Paris&Co, will be animating this session by interviewing French VC’s on what aspects are essential for a successful fundraising session and major corporations in how they engage innovation in their daily activities and work with startups. Our fabulous Paris Landing Pack Explore march batch of startups from all over the globe will pitch their solutions to the audience!

Always a meeting at the source of innovation

Each of us can remember an innovation – technological or not – born of a fortuitous encounter, an unexpected situation transformed into an opportunity, a lucky coincidence. Every entrepreneur can recall an inspiring testimonial that opened new perspectives to explore, or a new horizon for a business project. The annual Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville, now in its 4th year, is a unique crossroads due to its scope and the singular opportunities it offers participants. Entrepreneurs, public and private sector employees, consultants and investors all have a chance to meet and interact with new talents, to discover new solutions and opportunities.

For the span of a few hours, you’ll get to randomly interact with public and private decision-makers, learning to know them better, understand the issues they’re facing and co-design solutions.

There’s always a meeting at the source of innovation, so don’t miss the Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville, where you too can take action to sustainably transform for the better our city and our society.

The Mayor of Paris has given the keys to City Hall to our teams at Paris&Co, who will welcome many of you next Friday, 16 March. With your expertise, your experience and your entrepreneurial adventures, you personify the innovation that boosts growth, attractiveness and employment. If your talents are exercised within a major corporation or serve the public sector, I’m certain these startups will help you find concrete, actionable answers to the challenges you face.

And before innovating, make this crossroads a success by being present.

Philippe Grangeon
Président de Paris&Co