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Agripolis, présent au Démospace

In the context of the Paris bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and in keeping with its sustainability policy, Agripolis proposes the implementation of sustainable urban farming sites built to last. Agripolis installs and cultivates urban farms, using a productive “crop columns” technique that requires no soil and produces organic quality crops.

The companies/organizations that give access to their sites receive locally grown produce. We believe it should be a priority to supply Olympic sites with locally-grown, ultra-fresh fruits and vegetables. Our vision is of a city where every flat rooftop is covered with this new vegetation, to feed the city-dwellers who represent the majority of today’s population.

Air France, présent au Démospace

Air France has partnered with Paris&Co since 2014, and is a founding member of our Welcome City Lab incubator solely dedicated to tourism.

Air France supports a hundred or more startups annually, and can already boast several success stories. Interactive Mobility, an application that lets passengers download inflight entertainment on their tablets prior to takeoff, and the Lineberty application that virtualizes customer queuing in agencies, are just two examples. So it was natural for Air France to join forces with the City of Paris dynamism, perfectly illustrated by these innovative young companies and the Hacking event.

Air France wished to contribute to the Paris bid for the 2024 Games. Its partnership hinges on three main areas that highlight air transport and make AirFrance the official Olympic partner for Paris 2024: transporting members of the Paris 2024 GIP; promoting the Paris bid by painting the “Paris 2024” logo on the exterior of 10 airplanes (Medium- and Long-Haul routes), thereby reaching huge numbers of passengers worldwide; and promoting the city of Paris and French-style air travel.

Drone Air, présent au Démospace

Drone Air_ is the first drone event to go massively live: 15,000 spectators can immerse themselves in drone flights thanks to a virtual reality App, along with the 30 FPV pilots participating in the competition. There will be races but also an interactive village, a show and a concert taking place in the incredible vibe at Jean Bouin Stadium.

Startups and new technologies will be given top billing, with B2B meetings to showcase applications that already function using these flying machines in every business sector.

The future takes flight with Drone Air_, combining e-sport, technologies and interactivity at the Jean Bouin Stadium in Paris on 9 and 10 June 2017.

Éditions animées, présent au Démospace

Éditions Animées is the startup that created “Colour, Snap, App!”, the coloring book that turns your pictures into animated films using the BlinkBook application. Bring your drawings to life, breathe new life into a book without having to replace it, make digital characters real…

The combined talents of artist, developer, 3D animator, musician, actor, engineer, printer all come together to create hybrid projects. A mix of tradition and innovation that delivers your messages here and beyond our borders.

It’s a book that creates an animated film with your name in the credits, that can be watched in several languages and shared on global social networks. We have printed 1.3 million animated projects and generated 1.6 million animated films.

We are participating in the Paris Hacking to create synergies between artists, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors and the media based on a unifying theme of social connections – a dream and a promise that stimulates energy and a positive attitude!

Excens, présent au Démospace

Exsens has created and markets a 3D Body Scan booth that automatically generates full body, photorealistic digital avatars that can be animated.

Exsens is also developing a wide range of mobile applications using these avatars in the fields of fitness, plastic surgery, fashion (virtual try on), advertising, video games…

Taking part in the “Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville” will give us a testing ground for our solutions, letting us gauge the public’s reaction and perceptions of our animated, personalized avatar concept.

Our vision is that “digital cloning” will revolutionize consumer habits in the very near future – but also lead the way to numerous applications and unique virtual reality/ augmented reality experiences.

Goodmix, présent au Démospace

GoodMix is an intelligent platform that provides personalized recipes and exercise tips specially designed to help prevent or manage chronic illnesses. Using the SaaS subscription model, GoodMix reconciles individuals with healthy eating and exercise choices, by aggregating products, services, follow-up and expert advice to improve lifestyle and well-being.

More than 15 million people suffer from chronic illnesses in France, and the socio-professional consequences impact their self-confidence and performance while undermining employability.

Greenerwave, présent au Démospace

State of the art solutions to improve wireless connectivity usually consist in adding more electromagnetic (EM) power in the environment (WiFi: more access points, repeaters / 4G: base station, femto cell). Greenerwave develops cutting edge technologies relying on the recycling of existing waves by smart mirrors to improve quality of service on top of reducing EM pollution and energy consumption. Our ubiquitous technologies can be embedded in walls, ceiling tiles, furniture, …, paving the way for energy efficient, responsible smart buildings and cities from a telecommunication point of view.

K-Ryole, présent au Démospace

K-Ryole is an intelligent, electric trailer for bicycles: attached to your bike, it lets you transport up to 250 kilos effortlessly – you won’t even know it’s there! It can be fastened to any bike – standard or electric – in just a few seconds.
K-Ryole is designed for logistics professionals seeking a quick, practical solution in urban zones, for municipalities who want to make a carless lifestyle easier for commuters, for restaurant owners who want to create mobile food stalls, for artisans, … In short, anyone who thinks that cars are not ideal urban vehicles, but who needs to transport what they would normally carry.

With the massive influx of tourists and large crowds, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will crystallize tomorrow’s logistics and urban mobility challenges. By multiplying the possible uses of bicycles, K-Ryole offers a green, innovative and fun solution that is perfectly aligned with the values of the Games.

LOMA, présent au Démospace

The vocation of LOMA Innovation is to design, manufacture and sell BtoB solutions for plastic materials that can be shaped at will. For sports accessories (shoes, clothes, hockey sticks, protective body armor), the principle is as follows: the industrial partner buys a range of LOMA materials and uses them to create its products. The user activates a button that sends an impulse to the LOMA materials, making them completely malleable within seconds, and then molds them to the desired shape. Once the perfect fit is obtained, the material stiffens into the new shape. We are offering our range of hybrid materials to French athletes participating in the 2024 Games, using product manufacturers as our intermediaries.

Open Mole, présent au Démospace

The growing accessibility of data lets today’s startups and research laboratories build increasingly intelligent systems to optimize data exploitation. Digital models that simulate reality help us to understand, forecast and make decisions on urban planning, logistics and flow management issues. Open Mole is a tool developed by the ISC-PIF research organization to facilitate analysis of these digital models, helping researchers, startups and corporates face the challenges of Big Data. We will demonstrate how the Open MOLE platform helps meet these challenges, through a concrete case study on urban planning decision-making tools.

PayinTech, présent au Démospace

PayinTech is a FinTech pioneer and leader of cashless systems.
Our solutions serve public and private operators in tourism, culture, sports and leisure activities. They are designed to facilitate visitor stays, wherever they may be.

Each participant in the 2024 Games will receive a connected, all-in-one wristband device enabling the following:
–  easy and fun payment in all public gathering places, as well as shops, restaurants, cafés and bars throughout Paris
–  access to major Parisian sightseeing and cultural attractions
–  access to the city’s transport network, to get around town easily
–  sharing content and highlights of their stay…for an overall experience that is fluid, simple and immersive.

PayinTech technologies are proprietary, patented and open.

Pzartech, présent au Démospace

We believe that Olympic Games are also a test of a city’s ability to perform. As such maintening its equipments and reducing downtime is critical. We believe we can be useful in this context.

Sericyne, présent au Démospace

Sericyne is reviving the French silk farming industry, through the invention of a new technique for silk transformation. Their silk worms directly produce 2D and 3D objects and shapes.

The Paris “Hacking” is the opportunity for Sericyne to meet the institutions and corporates interested in helping them to grow.

Sport Heroes Group, présent au Démospace

Sport Heroes Group is a French startup created in 2014. Its mission is to encourage participation in sports on a broad scale.
We know that sports have decisively conquered the planet.

Everywhere in the world, people move, run and pedal.
With digital technologies, new habits have emerged and the time has come for connected sports.
GPS watches and smartphones give us real time data to monitor our physical activity. So we came up with a creative way to leverage this data and connect amateur athletes to each other, everywhere in the world, by launching dematerialized, connected races.

Today “Connected Events” is a communications tool of its own for cities, corporates, brands and NGOs who want to mobilize their various audiences through sports.

At the “Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville”, we will present our solutions and examples of customized races for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games bid.

Tarmak, présent au Démospace

The FabPocket aims to initiate 3D printing and thereby accompany the transition to local manufacturing of personalized objects and prototypes for a variety of themes and businesses. Taking part in the “Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville” lets us showcase the Maker Movement at a very exciting time.

Uavia, présent au Démospace

Uavia provides its corporate clients with a full technology suite of aerial surveillance and inspection tools, without any human intervention in the field. The company is marketing the very first autonomous drones connected to the Internet through mobile 4G/LTE networks.

Uavia is revolutionizing drone usage by connecting them and dispatching them to on field charging stations. Our solutions make it possible to remotely control and coordinate whole fleets of drones. This major innovation gives us a unique, birds-eye view of the 2024 Games, in the construction phase and during the Games, for purposes of inspection, security and communication. Our participation in the “Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville” offers a unique, immersive experience of the 2024 Games!

Verteego, présent au Démospace

Verteego is a true ‘daughter of Paris’: created in 2008 in the Sentier district, a symbol of the transformation of Paris’ city center, Verteego has been supported by the Parisian innovation ecosystem from the beginning. So it is natural, indeed vital, for us to contribute to sharing innovation content with a place that has contributed so much to shaping our company. We are an established startup with an international presence at the heart of the digital, data, AI and innovation challenges faced by corporates. And when, to top it all off, the “Hacking” focuses on major international sports events and the Paris bid for the 2024 Games, we truly speak from the heart – because we want to win! Our experience of major events makes us want to come and participate in this one!

Wheeliz, présent au Démospace

Wheeliz is the top rental site for peer-to-peer, wheelchair accessible car rentals.

Created to make it easier for those in wheelchairs to get around, Wheeliz lets owners rent their adapted vehicles to individuals who are disabled or elderly, for a day, a weekend or even for a vacation.

This solution lets car owners amortize the purchase of a costly vehicle, while helping others move about freely at affordable rates.
What’s more, thanks to our partnership with La MAIF, comprehensive insurance coverage is provided for every car rental.

Wheeliz, making mobility possible together!

Yppa, présent au Démospace

We offer sports events organizers the capacity to produce giant light shows (such as tifo, ola, …) on spectators’ smartphones.

Each screen acts as a pixel, so the possibilities for animation are infinite…

We are incubated at Le Tremplin, and were invited by the CNOSF (French National Olympic Committee) to attend Club France during the Rio Games to promote French digital innovation in sports.

Our product is a great opportunity to meet customer needs:

− It gets all spectators more involved in the show
− It is very simple to use, for both spectators and event organizers
− It is affordable, for both organizers and advertisers

We are participating in the “Hacking” to demonstrate how YPPA is an incredibly effective entertainment tool for the various 2024 Games ceremonies. It can also be an excellent tool to promote the Paris 2024 Olympic bid.

My City, présent au Démospace

MyCity is a small enterprise specializing in giving great experience to tourists and offering both digital and printed format pictures using cutting edge technologies.  MyCity aims to be the place to go when travelers want perpetual souvenirs when discovering the world.

Being part of Hacking de l’hotel de Ville is for us being at the core of innovation and culture. We believe that the themes covered at the event are elementary to kick off our business. Last but least, this event is an amazing opportunity to meet influencers and entrepreneurs flying from all over the world.

Minuit Une, présent au Démospace

Minuit Une is a young French producer of lighting scenography. Their products are based on a patented technology, developed in collaboration with the Institut d’Optique, that revolutionizes the use of lasers for entertainment, special events and broadcasting. The M-Pyramid and M-Carré have transformed lasers from the dangerous, costly and sometimes inelegant “laser show”, to a versatile light instrument that creates an immersive, multi-faceted experience with spectacular new special effects seamlessly blended into scenographies. They illuminate concert tours (musicians such as Broken Back, Møme, Patricia Kaas, Epica – NL, Philipp Poisel – DE), festivals (Solidays, Weather, Peacock Society), clubs (Zouk – Singapour, Lock – Budapest) and brand events.

Algama, présent au Démospace

ALGAMA is a foodtech startup that is meeting the food security challenges of tomorrow, by inventing delicious, healthy and sustainable products today, by tapping into the unique potential of microalgae.

Microalgae present a wide range of daily food and sports nutrition applications.
From its food innovation platform, located in Evry-Genopole and Smart Food Paris, ALGAMA works daily to formulate end products made with the exceptional nutritional benefits of microalgae.

Participating in the “Hacking” is a fantastic opportunity to share our ideas and projects dedicated to a healthier diet.

Together, let’s reinvent our food!

Caisse des Dépôts, présent au Démospace

“Melting Toque à la française” was created in the context of the Caisse des Dépôts Group “Innovation Trophies”, an internal entrepreneurship contest based on the theme of “mobilizing citizens around the Paris 2024 bid”.

Objectives: On the occasion of the Olympic Games, to highlight France’s multicultural diversity through its cuisine; to get residents of underprivileged neighborhoods involved and showcase their culinary know-how, by setting up food trucks in proximity to Olympic sites; to support integration through economic activity and entrepreneurship, thanks to sustainable initiatives meant to last well beyond the Games themselves.

What’s at stake at the “Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville de Paris”: Give substance to the project by mobilizing new ideas and attracting new partners.

Unimev, présent au Démospace

Major events (professional, sports, cultural) and data are at the heart of the “Global Performance Calculator” and the 2017 edition of the “Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville”!

A brand-new platform for analysis, steering and evaluation, the Calculator adds value to events and their destinations across France by measuring 50 economic, fiscal, social, environmental, scientific and media indicators. It meets the strategic needs of event organizers and their partners in terms of transition models, providing proof of their economic impacts and social legacies for future events.

The result of three years of cooperation between public entities and non-profits, the platform is based on a robust, audited methodology that has been implemented since 2016 to evaluate roughly one hundred events.

HYPERSUIT creates amplified hardware and software technologies, for video games that are at your service!
Our first product, HYPERSUIT, is a dynamic cerebral training device. Coupling an exoskeleton with Virtual Reality game spaces, it’s a fun and interactive way to boost physical and mental performance. 

Les Canaux pour l'Economie Solidaire et Innovante, présent au Démospace

Les Canaux brings together economic stakeholders of Greater Paris who are developing projects committed to a more inclusive society, and to the protection of our planet. Their ambition: to support this community, provide it with new solutions and extend its initiatives internationally.

Les Canaux includes an incubator for innovative, fair trade startups, as well as numerous events to educate, inform and accompany all who wish to take action for a sustainable, responsible world. Les Canaux hosts international organizations such as Nobel Laureate Professor M Yunus’ European Center, and “Cities 40”, a leadership network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change issues and promoting inclusiveness.

Les Canaux premises are in a town house on the banks of the Ourcq Canal, located in the Stalingrad neighborhood (19th district of Paris), at the heart of a lively Social & Solidarity Economy ecosystem.

Mojjo, présent au Démospace

MOJJO offers tennis clubs, academies and professional tournaments an unprecedented experience of tennis match replay and analysis.

MOJJO is an intelligent, connected solution using just one video camera that automatically calculates all your match statistics.

MOJJO edits the video on the fly and deletes downtimes : a 2-hour pro match can be summed up in a 30-minute video!

MOJJO helps clubs deliver an interactive tennis experience: with one click, players can share their best points on social networks, or conduct a game debrief with their coach on our internet site!

With MOJJO ProTour, we offer broadcasters the first automated tennis match highlights solution for replay that will be launched at Roland Garros this year!

Wineven, présent au Démospace

With Wineven Coaching, practicing sports has never been so easy! In just a few clicks, thanks to geo-localization, you can take a sports class with the best coaches. 1,000 professionals certified to teach more than 100 sports are available throughout France. And if you can’t find a coach nearby, you can reserve a session via live guesting. Wineven is also premiering consultation sessions with sports champions. More than 60 champions in 40 different disciplines are at your service to answer questions by messaging, personalized video recordings or private live guesting. An unforgettable experience to learn the secrets to their success. 

Why Queue, présent au Démospace

Paris is one of the main tourist hotspots in the world. By hosting a significant event, such as Olympic games, special arrangements have to be made. This includes crowd control, but also providing visitors with unique experiences à la Française.

Zave App, présent au Démospace

As Zaveapp is a mobile piggybank helping people to achieve saving goals such as buying vacation, big events such as Football World Cups or Olympic Games are common goals within our user base. Olympic games in 2024 is a great motivator for people to save money; and we can leverage by having our office in Paris to help our users get the best deals and more value for their money making a great experience to attend and visit Paris!