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Aglaé, présent au Démospace

Aglaé is a pioneer in luminescent plants. We’ve designed a unique serum that lets plants glow in the dark when exposed to black light. Our main business is events activities. In the midterm, we hope to offer an alternative to urban lighting with our glow-in-the-dark plants!

AiR, présent au Démospace

AiR is the first art gallery solely dedicated to scientific photography. Produced by researcher-artists, the photographs reveal a world of beauty and knowledge that are ordinarily hidden away in laboratories. The singular AiR approach is also committed to responsible art: part of its revenue is used to finance the research projects behind each work of photographic art.

Alice&Bob , présent au Démospace

Alice&Bob are developing a quantum computer that’s universal and error-free, to market its exponential calculating power. Come discover the first brick: the quantum bit of Schrödinger’s cat! This qubit is the first in the world to automatically correct some of the thorniest quantum errors.

auum, présent au Démospace

In France, roughly 5 billion disposable goblets are used each year. So auum has created the most ecological alternative to disposable cups. It’s a simple, sustainable cleaning solution. The Yello-1 machine uses steam to clean, disinfect and dry each glass in just a few seconds. No chemicals, just a little water and electricity.

Bek & Veggie, présent au Démospace

Bek & Veggie offers the best fresh almond drink on the market, homemade and artisanal. Made with 100% organic ingredients and 17% almonds – the highest rate in the marketplace – it contains just three ingredients (Almonds, Dates and Water) and zero preservatives. It replaces traditional milk in a way that’s ethical, sustainable and delicious!

Cycloove, présent au Démospace

Cycloove designs and installs turnkey bicycle lock-up facilities in covered parking areas. This equipment is modular, reversible and features a user interface that externalizes parking fee management. It can be equipped with innovative racks for bicycles, e-bikes and electric scooters, as well as integrated electric charging stations and connected lockers.

Digital Essence , présent au Démospace

Since 2014, Digital Essence has been providing immersive visual experiences to transform venues and take events to a new dimension. This spectacular interactive installation is the HeavyM software designed by Digital Essence. It’s concentrated technology that’s easy to set up, democratizing the use of video mapping.

Ecorp Gaming, présent au Démospace

Ecorp Gaming solves HR issues by creating bespoke gaming mechanisms to attract and qualify new generations of talents, and facilitate their integration and retention. It does this by leveraging their passion for esports and highlighting corporate diversity.

Elior , présent au Démospace

Through its worldwide innovation program Life4 – Let’s Imagine Future Experiences, Elior group has nourished strategic partnerships with promising companies, with a view to enhancing the daily customer experience and offering nutritious, delicious food.
– Partnership with French startup Foodvisor, to develop a visual recognition solution for mass catering food trays and smoother meal flows.
– Partnership with Bonduelle, to launch the first “salad robot” that gives employees a flexible, 24/7 customized food option : eat nutritious, healthy meals quickly, at any time, by choosing your ingredients and personalizing sides.

Global Charger, présent au Démospace

Designed for mobile and connected people, Global Charger has adapted to the new energy needs at events and in companies of all sizes. In the maker spirit, this French startup provides innovative personal recharge solutions through its external battery brand MANA, its MANA service and network of more than 40 partner festivals.

GYROLIFT, présent au Démospace

Gyrolift is an inclusive mobility solution. Based on a gyropod, it includes a robotic module that makes mobility possible for all types of users, both seated and standing. The goal is to enhance autonomy and employability for the disabled, and to reduce the negative impact of arduous jobs done by able-bodied employees.

Kedelaï , présent au Démospace

Kedelaï originated from the desire to facilitate and enhance a more sustainable food supply. It rises to the challenge by offering a plant-based superfood based on organic legumes, locally transformed by natural processes. Its environmental and social impact will follow, from pitchfork to fork. This superfood is called tempeh!

La Pâtisserie Numérique, présent au Démospace

La Pâtisserie Numérique gives pastry lovers new opportunities using digital production methods. It modernizes production techniques and integrates innovation for a fast return on investment. It’s a solution adapted to all players, from artisan pastry chefs to large industrial groups.

Orange, présent au Démospace

Come find out more about cloud services like Flexible Engine and the Orange API portfolio to innovate freely and co-develop your own secure solutions. Partnering with Doctoome, the number one platform for personalized healthcare professional recommendations, and with the program #femmesentrepreneuses by Orange.

OUIDROP, présent au Démospace

OUIDROP innovation company has developed a 100% autonomous, automated cloakroom solution for all venues open to the public. Compared to traditional coat check services, our system offers undeniable benefits: shorter lines, greater security of personal effects, autonomy, digitization, space savings…

Plantez Respirez, présent au Démospace

Plantez Respirez meets the plant quota recommended by NASA, by setting up plant islands that improve air quality at work and make office spaces more “biophilic” or life-enhancing. The plant islands are connected to the sound landscapes from their originating forests, and each island rented saves two hectares of the Amazon forest., présent au Démospace

SmarterPlan is a Building Intelligence 3D solution for managing real estate assets, with a turnkey service that combines immersive building visits with operating data. This 3D steering and promotional tool for real estate assets lets you manage properties in a more intelligent and sustainable way.

Snooze, présent au Démospace

Snooze is the first 100% eco-responsible brand of cereal that’s both healthy and delicious. For your first order, you’ll get the flavor of your choice packaged in a beautiful metallic canister, illustrated by an artist in the colors of a non-profit association. For each successive order, your refill packs will be delivered in compostable kraft paper bags.

URBAN EXPÉ , présent au Démospace

ExtraS: collective, immersive sports gaming adventures. Get moving to make progress, play to get physically active!


WYES : When Your Eyes Speak , présent au Démospace

Connected glasses let people who are “imprisoned” in their bodies through paralysis or other pathologies restore communication with their loved ones, medical personnel and by extension, reconnect with society.