They will be attending

Cueillette Urbaine, présent au Démospace

Cueillette Urbaine is a company that develops agriculture and its benefits in urban environments. It sells and operates productive, ecological urban farms in cities.

Urban agriculture is the solution to producing healthy, local foods while contributing to cleaner cities.

D'un Seul Geste, présent au Démospace

D’un Seul Geste is a virtual reality experience that lets companies offer hands-on first aid practice through immersive training and gaming techniques.

Innovative and learner-centric, this approach trains participants to effectively memorize the right emergency first aid reflexes in just one hour.

Ecovative-Krown, présent au Démospace

Ecovative-Krown is a biotech partnership that uses the power of nature to create quality products. The combination of mycelium and agricultural waste lets us grow a light, resistant material in 5 days. Mycelium-based products can be used in a myriad of different ways: packaging, furniture and designer objects, building materials and much more!

2018 Circular Challenge Finalist (Citéo circular economy competition)

FabBRICK, présent au Démospace

Today, there are fewer and fewer natural resources for construction and more and more waste! To fight against clothing waste, FabBRICK transforms textile waste into an innovative building material. These recycled textile bricks are used to create furniture or insulated partition walls.

Global Charger, présent au Démospace

Global Charger
Designed for mobile and connected people, Global Charger adapts to the energy needs of events and companies, whatever their size. The French startup offers innovative personal battery recharge technologies, notably through its MANA external battery brand, its MANA service offer and network of more than 40 partner festivals.

Greenloop, présent au Démospace

Greenloop produces healthy and tasty fruit, vegetables and fish in bioclimatic urban farms. Pick fresh basil directly in shops, or sell freshly-caught trout the same day to city-dwellers – this is the experience we offer.

Our ambition? Resilient, sustainable food production for cities.

Intuit'art, présent au Démospace

Scenographic installations and augmented reality. Intuit’art develops and installs augmented reality spaces. These applications let users explore new travel, thematic and corporate experiences using mapping and aerial imagery that comes to life with educational, informative and fun interaction.

ispace, présent au Démospace

ispace is a lunar exploration company making micro-robotic rovers to map and collect data about the Moon’s surface. Our vision is to expand Earth’s economic sphere to the Moon, enabling the expansion of human presence into space.
Our aspiration is to explore and develop lunar water resources and spearhead a space-based economy. We believe as we identify available resources on the Moon, industries will see the Moon as an extension of their business on Earth.

Kumo, présent au Démospace

Kumo has reinvented fast food by offering 350g rice rolls garnished with fresh ingredients called “Kumorolls”, sold in connected automatic refrigerated vending machines. Kumo prepares and delivers the rolls on a daily basis, for a new kind of meal that’s ultra-fresh, healthy and available in university, corporate and coworking fridges.

La Pause Basket , présent au Démospace

La Pause Basket is a new generation corporate sports service that combines technology and sports expertise to serve the health and wellbeing of employees, enhancing team spirit and employer branding. More than 15 different sports can be played on company premises, linked to a comprehensive management and coaching platform.

Lactips, présent au Démospace

Lactips develops and manufactures the only hydrosoluble cling film that’s 100% bio-sourced and biodegradable. Thanks to its patented technology, it offers an ecological, effective alternative for packaging products such as detergents, cosmetics or even food.

2018 du Circular Challenge Laureate (Citéo circular economy competition)

Le Pavé Parisien, présent au Démospace

Le Pavé Parisien
There are more and more city dwellers, yet we’ve never seen such a lack of human connection. Designed to foster human encounters, meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s cities,Le Pavé Parisien is the first Bluetooth speaker made of concrete that combines design, technology and durability.

LED's CHAT, présent au Démospace

MOZAÏK by LED’S CHAT, luminous wall panels that enhance interior design using digital creation. A solution that offers new interior design experiences thanks to an innovative and modular system of lighted wall covering. It combines digital, artistic creations with embedded intelligence that brings them to life!

Linguali, présent au Démospace

Forget about interpreting headsets: stream live to participants’ smartphones!
Linguali is the first mobile application for conventions, meetings and conferences that lets attendees listen to simultaneous interpreters and speakers on their smartphone, replacing traditional headsets. Offer an unparalleled experience to participants, reduce costs and simplify logistics!

Maquis-Art, présent au Démospace

The Maquis-Art team has been serving street art and graffiti since 1997. Drawing on its expertise, the company supports seasoned street artists in team building and live painting events, as well as decoration, customization and training future artists.

ODIHO, présent au Démospace

The multi-channel, noiseless sound transmission system.
Odiho broadcasts live, high-definition sound content from any audio source to the public’s smartphone and earphones, using a simple WebApp.
It can be used for: conferences, simultaneous interpretation, silent screens or audio-description.

Orange, présent au Démospace

Come find out more about Cloud service offers like Flexible Engine and the API portfolio at Orange Business Services, to innovate freely and co-develop solutions securely.
You’ll cross paths with Smartdiet, the first online food education program accompanied by the Orange #femmesentrepreneuses initiative, and meet dietician/nutritionists for a customized assessment.

PÂTIFREE Gourmandises, présent au Démospace

PÂTIFREE Gourmandises transports you to the world of contemporary pastry with organic, plant-based creations that are naturally gluten-free. By sublimating quality ingredients, the company combines delicious, refined tastes and sustainable consumption of the childhood treats we love.

PICNIC, présent au Démospace

Captivate your audience – wherever they may be!
PICNIC offers innovative architecture: kiosks and pop-up stores that are mobile, modular and use autonomous renewable energies. Turnkey solutions, designed and manufactured in France for retail, services and events.

Liberty – Mobility – Electricity.

Slimbox, présent au Démospace

Slimbox is an unique solution which allows anyone to create their own right-sized boxes and inlays. On the spot. Without any training. And at a lower cost than regular packaging. So what are you waiting for? Get one now!

Tomm’Pousse, présent au Démospace

Tomm’Pousse offers a range of plant-based alternatives to traditional cheeses that are healthy, tasty and artisanally made by a socially-responsible company. On the run, for a casual wine and cheese party with friends or a formal dinner, Tomm’Pousse lets you enjoy cheese in a more sustainable way.

TUMO Paris , présent au Démospace

TUMO Paris – Digital Creation School for 12-18 year-olds – 100% free of charge. A learning program based on 8 creative technologies: cinema, animation, 3D modelling, graphic design, video gaming, drawing, music and programming. 1 year of weekly extracurricular activities for 1,500 teens.

Partner with us!

UWTI, présent au Démospace

UWTI is the first “physical” puzzle that lets players learn differently, by having fun without screens! Made of interactive blocks to be assembled, the game is based on one rule and lets users improve logic and spatialization. UWTI is universal, designed for both children and adults, and can be played by several people!

Virtuoz by Feelobject, présent au Démospace

Virtuoz by Feelobject
Feelobject has designed Virtuoz, an interactive tactile map that lets the blind and visually impaired move about freely within buildings. The map helps them create a clear mental image of surrounding spaces, using touch and hearing.

Vital Tech / Wellness Training, présent au Démospace

Vital Tech
Wellness Training, an active participant in French Tech / French Fab and young leader in French infratherapy, recognized by healthcare, alternative medicine and fitness providers, is officially launching Vital Cloud at the Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville: a global premiere for corporate wellbeing and productivity.

For 13 years, Wellness Training has provided corporate solutions for employee wellbeing. With the launch of the Well application, Wellness Training now reaches 100% of employees, digitalizing innovative pathways to wellness.