For a decade now, the City of Paris has considered startups its privileged allies in supporting transformation. New collaborations have borne fruit in every sector, from sports and health to food and nutrition, from training to the circular economy. We’ve just celebrated the 1000th startup mentored by Paris&Co.

Since the Paris Agreement came into effect in 2016, innovative and concrete solutions have been rolled out to cool off the city, reduce fine particle emissions, develop recovered energy, analyze air quality and make our City more resilient in the face of climate change.

The challenges are colossal: now more than ever, the City of Paris needs each one of you – startups, innovative entrepreneurs and researchers – to continue to build a more inclusive, sustainable and attractive city together.

On an international scale, the C40 network committed to driving sustainable action on climate change, presided by the Mayor of Paris, gives startups a global stage for experimentation. These 94 global megacities support innovative projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, combat pollution and preserve rare natural resources.

The Energy, Air and Climate Plan adopted in 2018 has set Paris on the path towards a carbon-neutral, 100% renewable energy policy by 2050. With more than 500 initiatives across all business sectors (construction, transport, logistics, food, quality of life…) – including emblematic measures such as the end of diesel engines by 2024 and gas engines by 2030 – it’s a vast scope of opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs. By creating its very own energy transition fund, Paris Fonds Vert, the City can now leverage financing for startups specialized in energy transition.

Startups in greentech, biotech, civictech, govtech, urbantech, fintech, proptech, deeptech, foodtech, blockchain, from the industry of the future to the circular economy, we’re counting on you!

We’re waiting for you to come hack City Hall on March 21st and continue to inspire us.

Just as we’ve done for the past 5 years, City officials and representatives will be there to meet you in person and learn more about your projects and proposals.

Don’t miss this important event! Innovation will clearly be a source of environmental and social progress for cities. Come and co-create it with us.

Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of architecture, urban planning, the Grand Paris project, economic development and attractiveness