• 9:30-10:30 am : Made in the city, a paradigm shift

    In 2016, the City of Paris launched the “Made in Paris” plan to encourage the development and relocation of manufacturing and production in the city. Its goal is to support the emergence of innovative manufacturing approaches, and to transform Paris into a productive city. This echoes the current paradigm shift towards locally producing more sustainable goods, thereby contributing to the new de-carbonated economy. On 19 February 2019, the City of Paris and Bpifrance launched the “PIA Fab” grant to subsidize innovative production. Come hear testimonials from key players in the transformation of production practices – and set off on the road towards this new industrial revolution!

    Speakers :

    – Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of architecture, urban planning, the Grand Paris project, economic development and attractiveness

    – Benjamin Carlu, Co-Founder of Usine IO

    – Alysée Flaut, Communications Director, Kickmaker



  • 11-12 am : The circular economy: solutions for e-commerce

    Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach an estimated $4.5 billion in 2021 (against $1.3 billion in 2014)*. This exponential growth has resulted in more and more packages being distributed worldwide. The transition towards the circular economy represents a considerable challenge for the entire sector on a global scale. But it’s also a chance to seize new opportunities – especially in e-commerce – because new solutions are emerging worldwide to develop sustainable packaging and define new business models.
    By taking a look at these issues from the different perspectives of key players, institutions and startups, this workshop addresses the challenges of the circular economy for e-commerce and highlights innovative solutions to accelerate transition.
    *Source: The Enterprise Guide to Global E-Commerce, Shopify

    Speakers :

    – Jean Hornain, Citeo CEO

    – Sandra Ledesma, Sustainable Development Manager, Nature et Découvertes

    – Antoinette Ghul, Deputy Head of social and solidarity economy, social innovation and the circular economy

    – Christof Trowitz, Business Manager for Germany, Repack startup



  • 12:30-1:30 am : Open Data / Open Innovation serving employment

    Improving labor market flexibility (reinforcing links between skills supply and demand) and boosting employment are causes that concern us all. For the past few years, the French State has been promoting greater accessibility to public data in order to foster collaboration.
    This workshop examines the concrete, operational Open Data solutions making it possible to create and enrich new Web services and mobile applications, in order to benefit all the players of the employment market.


    – Jean-Philippe Clément, Head of data solutions at the City of Paris General Secretariat

    – Stéphane Rideau: French Employment Agency Director in charge of open innovation

    – Florent André, Founder Mind Matcher



  • 2-3 pm : Transitions and new models of work organization and collective intelligence

    With the acceleration of societal and technological transitions, we’re in the midst of a growing quest for meaning at work. Productivity models now seek to incorporate employee wellbeing and neuroscience learnings, with greater attentiveness to workflows, the quality of workplace interaction and workspace design. In this context, what are the new challenges, perspectives and approaches for the future of work organization?

    Speakers :

    – Gael Montassier, Founder and Director of STARTWAY Coworking & Innovation Centers

    – Francoise Bronner, researcher in work organization and workspace, Founder of AUDACITY & SPACE

    – Serge Parienti, transition and collective intelligence strategy expert, Director of Strategic Development at Vital Tech

    – Véronique Levieux, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of human resources, social dialogue and public service quality



  • 3:30–4:30 pm : Open Innovation: the key to developing new uses enabled by 5G

    Though 5G standards have scarcely been defined, network deployment players are already gearing up to make it a success. But beyond the improvement of existing services, the true challenge of 5G lies in perfecting and implementing disruptive uses that fully benefit from the value-add this new technology enables, in terms of bandwidth or lag time for example. This workshop will explore and discuss the best strategies between major corporates, project holders and institutional players to be ready in time for crucial deadlines such as the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    Speakers :

    – Luc Bretones, Executive Vice-President, EVP Techno Centre & Orange Fab

    – Jean-François Martins, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of sports, tourism, the Olympic and Paralympic Games

    – Astrid Guyart, Member of the Athletes’ Commission P2024

    – Christophe CARNIEL, President of VOGO



  • 5-6 pm : The challenge of corporate internationalization

    Internationalization is a strategic challenge.
    Today, hardly any existing distribution networks remain within their national geographic zone. Manufacturing in India, purchasing in China, shop openings in Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA, etc.: international development leverages new revenue and optimizes costs. It also lets companies offset economic risks linked to a sole country or geographic zone. Preparing a company for the export market requires the same vision as its initial launch phase. Taking the plunge entails a vast number of decisions. Internationalization represents true risk-taking. Yet it remains accessible for any business that adequately prepares for this adventure.

    The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Business France present their action plans to reinforce corporate internationalization for startups and SMEs.
    During the workshop, you’ll also get advice, testimonials and experience feedback from entrepreneurs who have successfully developed internationally.

    Speakers :

    – Martin Juillard, Deputy Director of businesses, international economy and tourism, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

    – Frédéric Rossi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Business France agency